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UGUU Zine ♥ Issue #1

Uguu Zine is a collection of pages created by cuties who believe + live uguu! This 32-page zine features original artwork, fashion tips, cutie guides/tutorials, and yummy recipes from more from 10+ amazing creators! Learn about denpa music, how to thrift shop, and find out your dessert horoscope! Download our free PDF below and embrace your inner cute! ♥

Uguu Zine Issue 1 Creators:

uguuBella, CaptainErsatz, Oceans_Dream, Leslie R., kuki_tan, starstarparty, FairytheArthog, NiXxYRULES, pancakepaws, sailuu_, Mr_GamerBot, lullabylamb, and nashirasauce.

Note! Recipes are in Celsius! (Super sorry, my fault @o@!)

Install instructions

You can download the PDF file below and open up with a free PDF reader like SumatraPDF. Or you can read the zine online on Issu HERE!


Uguu Zine Issue 1.pdf 15 MB


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Love the tutorials and the art is amazing!


AWW YAY THANKS!! Thank you for your kind comment >v< uguu~~♥