Ch 1 + 2 Re-edit up!

Updated the script with grammar fixes and re-formatting. More details here (patrons).

Edits made for better flow, consistent information for the last chapter, and larger window size.

I hope you will enjoy!!!

Chapter 3 outline is complete!! I just need to type out the dialogue, turn it into code (won't be too hard, since main editing was to better format my script), made new graphics, request new music, and include a gallery. I also want to make one shots/extra stories mostly about the villagers/village life before chapter 1 or during.


BBVN - Linux [v2.2] 141 MB
Dec 06, 2018
BBVN - Mac [v2.2] 136 MB
Dec 06, 2018
BBVN - Win [v2.2] 138 MB
Dec 06, 2018

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